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Testing a pressure-dosed wastewater system, Yellowstone County, MT

Treasure State Engineering is a professional civil engineering firm located in Montana's largest city - Billings.  Treasure State Engineering serves both public and private clients.  No job is too small; however some jobs are too large for me to handle on my own and I may refer you to another firm.  I will not take on more than I can handle. This would be a disservice to you, the client, and I am not in the business of dissatisfying clients! 

My business has grown significantly since start-up in the summer of 2006, because I do provide quality products to clients in a timely manner, and for less cost than they expect if they have ever contracted with a larger engineering firm.  I am able to do this for three primary reasons:

     (1)  Low Overhead (I work out of an office in my home's basement, have no employees and
           no debt load).
     (2)  My 30 years of engineering experience minimizes unproductive "spinning of the wheels"
           which keeps costs down.
     (3)  My current hourly rate is approximately 25% less than the local market rate for senior
           civil engineers.

If you have a project in Montana that you would like to discuss with me, give me a call.  I do not charge for the initial consultation!

Ultraviolet Disinfection System Design for Pictograph Caves State Park, Yellowstone County, MT

Crest View Subdivision Re-Zoning and Design, Yellowstone County, MT