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Treasure State Engineering PLLC

6308 Golden West Terrace, Billings, MT  59106 | Phone (406) 860-9397, Fax (406) 655-9397, Email 

Welcome to my site! 

I started Treasure State Engineering in 2006 after having worked as an employee of other engineering firms or organizations for 18 years.  I felt that there was a niche for small, low-overhead engineering firms in Montana.  While my business and client base has grown significantly, I remain the only employee.  Therefore, when you contact Treasure State Engineering, you will be contacting me directly.   

As a Professional Civil Engineer, I am dedicated to providing Montana clients with high quality, responsive engineering services in an efficient manner, which helps to keep costs down.  Commonly, I only have one to three active projects going at any one time, which allows me to keep projects moving quickly towards completion.  I specialize in on-site wastewater treatment systems, water and sewer main design, site and subdivision design, storm drainage and road design.  However, I would be happy to provide a free consultation on any project you may have in mind that requires the services of a professional civil engineer.

The great majority of my firm's projects are within a 50-mile radius of Billings, Montana.  However, Treasure State Engineering would consider assisting with any project in Montana.  

Treasure State Engineering recognizes that these are challenging economic times.  However, 2021 is a great time to to invest in development, as interest rates are still at historical lows, real estate values are increasing, and local contractors are readily available and competitive.  Additionally, many counties in Montana continue to experience a steadily increasing population and growth.  If you are planning improvements, now may be an ideal time to have your project engineered by Treasure State Engineering, a  responsive, results and value-oriented civil engineering firm. 


An Engineered 7,200 SF Evapo-Transpiration (ET) System Being Completed in Yellowstone County, MT

8" Sewer Main Extension, Forsyth, MT

Well Modifications and Water System Improvements near Huntley, MT

120,000 GPD Iron and Manganese Removal Water Treatment Plant under Construction, Yellowstone County

Pressure Dosed Septic System near Huntley, MT

Breaking Ground for Crest View Subdivision, Yellowstone County, MT

Treasure State Engineering offers the following services:

  • Site Design
  • Subdivision Design
  • On-site Wastewater Treatment System Design
  • Water, Sewer, and Storm System Design
  • Irrigation System Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Planning and Grantwriting Services
  • Advertising and Bid Phase Services
  • Construction Inspection and Certification
  • Expert Witness Research and Testimony

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I am a proud member of the following organizations:

Billings Engineer's Club

American Society of Civil Engineers

The American Legion

Fraternal Order of the Eagles

Patriot Guard Riders of Montana

Montana - The Treasure State. Oro y Plata!

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